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David Parisi

I stumbled upon Archer after visiting numerous jewelry stores and was greeted by Victor John. I was a little hesitant to sit through another “sales pitch” but my experience at Archer was far from that.

Victor John began showing me diamonds in my price range and I was impressed with how pristine they were. Victor John explained that he hand-picks each of his diamonds and does not settle for mediocrity which was proven when I looked through the scope.

The diamond, along with the custom setting he was able to create to my exact specifications turned out magnificent! My fiancé and I could not be happier! Thank you so much Victor John and to the team at Archer for making it such a smooth process!

Amy Amor Morgan

I was honestly sick to my stomach before coming in here because I was sure what I was looking for wasn't possible and my descriptions of it were confusing at best. My ocd had made my ring all but unwearable and I was excessively cleaning it and obsessing over things that my family thought I was imagining when I tried to explain it.

Victor John somehow figured out exactly what I meant and explained the tiny differences in the settings that was making me love one and hate the other. Before my fiancé and I went into the store we were already defeated. I told him I understood I couldn't get the "perfect" ring for under 13k and that was over 2x our budget.

But surprise surprise Victor comes out with literally the perfect setting in the first five minutes. When I explained what I didn't like in my original diamond and asked what could be causing that he gave us an anatomy lesson on rings and we were able to narrow it down then find something I did love. I assumed to REALLY love my ring I'd need at least VS1. But I'm here with my SI2 and I couldn't be more thrilled. He was super understanding of our budget and honestly the best experience I could have hoped for.

I'd like to also give my fiancé five stars for still agreeing to marrying me after all this.
So thank you Tyler & Victor! Making dreams come true.

Stefan Berrier

Victor John was outstanding to work with to provide my wife a custom necklace. The process was easy, quick, and completed without leaving the comfort of my home. As always, Archer outperformed their competition in quality, value, and service.

Angie Ellis

They have always created the most perfect pieces for us. They are exceptional in customer service. My husband and I were canoeing many years ago and he lost his wedding ring. Victor John just created the most beautiful remake from a picture. It looks amazing and I am still in awe. I can only highly recommend them!! The best jewelers EVER!! Thanks again for amazing work and service!!

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